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The God of Endless Possibilities

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There are times when we stop and take account of our lives.  Doing so today, I have found myself in South Korea.  I have been here for three years, and have loved living in another culture.  I have recently been approved to start raising prayer and financial support to be a Missionary Associate with the Assemblies of God.  The opportunity I find myself preparing for is one that God hand picked for me, and placed in my heart almost four years ago.

Back to taking account of our lives.  I am from a small town.  Like really small.  Like no stop lights small.  When I moved away to college, they combined it with the larger town close by and now it has a whopping one stop light.  How did I get from that place, whose name would not ring any bells to anyone over 100kms away to living just south of one of the largest cities in the world?

God, the God of endless possibilities.

I have always been fascinated by God’s relationship with Moses.  When God told Moses to “go,” and Moses asked who he would tell them had sent him, God responded with a chilling “Tell them I AM sent you.”

Goosebumps, anyone?  Yeah. Me too.

I have known of God’s call on my life from the time I was 14.  I knew that my life would be spent in its entirety to serve God in whatever way He deemed fit.  So naturally, I wanted to know, as did Moses, who was sending me.

So one day in prayer, I asked God.  Who should I say sent me?  There was no answer, only the special silence that only God can pull off.  I wanted to KNOW God.  I wanted to KNOW who was sending me to do all of these undisclosed missions.  And mostly, I wanted to have a really cool way to sign letters to missionaries.


“May God be with you, and be blessed by the God that is the I AM.”  Moses had an amazing way to sign his support letters.  I wanted this. I wanted a name for God that was just mine and His.  Something that was personal to me, that would demonstrate how God was going to work in my life.  That is when it came one day in the same strange silence in which I made my request know.

Tell them that the God of endless possibilities sent you.

I didn’t know what this meant, really, but it would sound great in a newsletter!!

“Blessings from the God of endless possibilities.”

And so I have come to know God in this way.  He has spent the several years from this moment showing me how He can turn any situation around.  When I think that I have thought of every possible way something can work out, God blows me away with a solution to a problem or issue that I could have never imagined.

He is a creative God, you know.

So please, join with me as I learn to serve day by day- the God of the impossible.